What is hyperthyroidism?

Minimal thyroid hormone excess, also called low grade hyperthyroidism, should be treated or addressed.  Research from Scotland has shown that people with low grade hyperthyroidism are prone to cardiovascular disease, cardiac arhythmias, fractures and dementia.

There are not many  books about hyperthyroidism. Maybe this is because it is more straight forward to treat. I have found this book highly recommended as it is stories from people with the condition. Personal accounts offer insights into both the physical and emotional sides of Graves'. Both the experts and other Graves' patients try to validate these feelings with articles on diagnosis, treatment, and healthful living with Graves' disease (hyperactive thyroid). Over eighteen top Endocrinologists, pharmacists and other experts on Graves’ disease, make the information in this book, accurate and up to date with the latest information on Graves’ disease and its treatments. Over seven years of research on common questions asked, and answers provided by the National Graves’ Disease Foundation’s board of medical advisors, trained facilitators, as well as answers from the top Endocrinologists, at the major medical and teaching hospitals, ensures what is provided is medically accurate, and is often done in a layperson’s terms so it is understandable by those with no or little medical understanding.

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